A close shave

I was driving home in my car this afternoon, going along a stretch of road where there are parked cars on both sides.

As a driver you have to keep your wits about you, and good job I was alert today.

A dog suddenly appears through the cars, so I slowed right down. It was then I realised the dog was on a lead, but sadly it was a flexi lead. And over a metre infront of there owner.

So the owner was still safe on the pavement, completely oblivious to me nearly knocking there dog down.

I then drive around the corner to see another person in a right pickle, with two dogs on flexi leads completely tangled up with each other.

I dread to think what would of happened if the chap needed to get control of the dogs quickly.


Luckily with both these situations, no animals or people were injured. But I really wish people would use a flexi lead in the appropriate place I.e a field, and use a normal shorter static lead to and from the field.

Or better still, if you can’t let your dog off the lead, use a long line instead. They are much safer.