Kay 9 Dog TrainingWelcome to Kay 9 Dog Training & Behaviour

Do you struggle with:

  • Walking your dog on a loose lead?
  • Getting your dog back when you call them the first time?
  • Having your dog settle down when they need to?
  • Dogs that jump up?
  • Over-friendly, exuberant dog behaviour?
  • Anxiety and aggressive dog behaviour?
  • Generally having a positive connection with your dog?
  • Any other behaviour that leaves you feeling frustrated, and anxious?

Run by Kay Joy, Kay 9 Dog Training is a Dorset-based business that works with owners and dogs to help them develop the key essentials for them to live happy, thriving lives and help them to overcome key behavioural challenges and bad habits that have developed over the years.

Kay 9 Dog Training is tailored to your needs – whether you need 1-2-1 sessions to help establish fundamental ground rules, or whether you are simply looking for opportunities for your dog to socialise more and have some fun (because training always needs to be fun!) – the sessions and group classes will give you what you need.

Kay uses only motivational and positive reward-based training methods that help you to build a positive relationship with your dog in a reality-based environment – meaning that you have confidence in your dog’s behaviour, whatever the situation.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you need. In case you don’t, get in touch with Kay today.

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