Services offered

1-2-1 Private Training Sessions

Kay 9 Dog Training - 121 Behaviour ClassesOur 1-2-1 Private Training Sessions are a great way to get started. If you’re unsure of how to approach certain behavioural issues, or whether you’re trying to develop a specific technique, Kay can help you. Training sessions are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you receive individual attention in a familiar environment that both you and your dog feel comfortable with. Kay will do a full assessment of your technique and help you with any tips and techniques you need to bring out your pet’s full potential. Whether you prefer the comfort of your own garden, or you prefer a field – Kay will work with what you need.  BOOK HERE


Novice Training Classes

Kay 9 Dog Training - Mixed Ability ClassesWe’ve all had them – those adolescent naughty dogs that have developed bad habits over a long period of time. That’s why Kay introduced the Novice Training class – a mixed ability class for any breed where the target is to work with both dogs and their owners to develop focus, good behaviour, basic training and break any other bad habits that have been learnt by both dog and owner.  Regardless of breed type, Kay’s Novice Training class is personal and safe – ensuring that each dog and owner that attends gets the specific training they require – arming you with new tools and techniques to practice and implement in your daily life.  BOOK HERE

Puppy Classes

DSC_0338-001Puppies. We love them! But starting them out on the wrong foot can lead to long-term behavioural problems causing stress to both you and your dog. Why not enrol your new edition to the family in one of our Puppy Classes where Kay will work with you and your pup in a comfortable and safe environment, teaching the fundamental basics like good manners, stay commands, good lead walking and more – to ensure that you have a long and happy life with your dog. These classes are great for developing your puppy’s social skills and comfort with a number of other breeds. BOOK HERE


Puppy Home Visits

animal-1846380__480If you’re just starting out on your journey with a new puppy, sometimes you need a little bit of help to help your puppy adjust to it’s new surroundings. Kay offers puppy home visits to help you understand what they need to get started on the right track. Whether it be advice on toilet training, successful bedtime routines, mealtime routines, basic manners and more, Kay will visit you in your home to help you form a foundation for your puppy’s future.  Puppy home visits are a good way to start before committing to long-term training programmes. No need to wait until your puppy has had their vaccinations and are ready to start classes –  Kay can help you as soon as they’ve arrived.BOOK HERE


Fun Agility & Confidence Courses

Kay 9 Dog Training - Fun AgilityThere is nothing better than a stimulated mind – and our Fun Agility & Confidence courses are just the medicine for an uninspired dog. If you’re looking to try something new and exciting, and train your dog with a brand new skill, why not consider our Fun Agility & Confidence course. We take it at your and your dog’s pace and teach you the basics to conquer fun agility activities like jumping, weaving, tunnel work and more.  We have a lot of fun and your dogs get a great workout – both physically and mentally. BOOK HERE